Saturday, April 26, 2008

A walk down memory lane

Rachael's baby shower was yesterday and I was a bit disappointed that I missed it, mostly because there were homemade sausage rolls and cup cakes in Royalla. I was able to enjoy most of the fun over the web cam but it's really just not the same.

It got me thinking about my own baby shower and mostly about that time in my life...

Life was easy and free.

I did what ever I wanted whenever I felt like it. I stayed up late and slept in.

But I was ready for my life to change, things were starting to get boring. And I love this boy more than anything, ever.

Many RUDE people commented that I would probably come back from America pregnant. Some people even suggested that I might like it so much that we would stay. But even though I think my sister and my friends, Jules and Justine are just glowing with their pregnancies now - there is no chance that I would be ready for another baby. Jack is looking more and more like a big boy every day and I am excited about his growing Independence. I am enjoying my freedoms again, he sleeps from 8.30-8.30 every night. We have a weekly babysitter and I don't have to worry constantly about feeds/changes and crying. If this is the 'honeymoon' before the 'terrible twos' then I'm going to enjoy every minute of it! And let me tell you - I haven't forgotten about the morning sickness that I endured for 5 MONTHS either!

Also I just thought I'd let you know - IT WOULD BE A COLD DAY IN HELL before this family moved to America permanently :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

While in America to remember the soliders we make Anzac Biscuits and we listen to the Dixie Chick's 'Travelin' Soldier. Jack and I take a moment over a hot cup of Lipton Black Tea to be thankful for the wonderful country that we live in today (or will do soon) and those who made that all possible. Proud to be Australian - right here!

It was a mission as usual to find things in the supermarket to make Anzac Biscuits. It is always a mission to find anything that resembles 'normal' stuff at the enormous supermarket down the street. I have been telling mum that they don't have the same brands as we do at home and here is just an example of what I mean...

Over all the quality of the products was good and I managed to find things with the least amount of additives. So we didn't get to watch the march and we didn't get a day off work but we all enjoyed some fresh cooking....

... and the Dixie Chick's.

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two weeks since I have done my own blog post!

Hopefully today I will make that up by doing two. I wonder if it works like that?

Here I am living my dream.

I had the most fantastic time in New York. I loved the city but 3 days was definitely enough time spent there. The city was very dirty and the people were all in a rush. Even the tourists on the 2 hour cruise didn't seem to relax. They were pushing people out of the way to get the perfect Liberty shot.

I had a jaw dropping moment when we got to the top of the Empire State Building. I could hardly keep my mouth closed I was just amazed and in awe of the beauty. It was a real shock because the lifts are so fast it hardly feels like you are climbing so high.

Stu enjoyed staying in the hotel with Jack for naps and this gave me the opportunity to explore or post on Jack's blog. The boys had a great time and indulged me by tagging along to all of the high lights that I needed to see.

It hardly feels like we are half way through our journey though our bank balance does show it. I am especially excited about going to LA and Vegas in 6 weeks time. The last thing we have to do before we leave here is visit Niagara and then we will have done it all.

Everyday life is very settled - when Stu took the day off yesterday I asked him if he enjoyed a day in my life as he stayed home for Jack's nap and played the computer. Stupid question! It is wonderful - I am finally feeling relaxed and enjoying another 3 months staying at home with Jack. I love this job - wish I could keep it when we got home!

Maybe I should tie a knot around my finger?

Sometimes we need a little reminder...

This photo will be mine.

This is why I love this man so much, because he took the day off work to watch Jack at The Little Gym and because when all of the other dads come to visit they sit in the viewing area but Jack loves him so much that he couldn't do the lesson with dad behind the glass. So Stu came in and took over my role as Jack's helper. He clapped hands to the songs and joined in circle time. I couldn't have chosen a better father for my boy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Great to have Skype

It was great to chat with Jules on Skype tonight. The boys played WOW and we had a good time all round :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outlet shopping with Ellen

Apparently the sun does shine in Ashburn!

Notice the first day with shorts and t-shirt! It's 26 degrees and sunny here today. Hooray!

Jack refused to have his nap this morning so Ellen and I decided that he was better and well enough to go shopping. Eventually he fell asleep in the pram and we found some real bargains at the outlet mall in Leesburg. The brand names here are half the price that they are at home. Jack bought some new gumboots (very Bemboka) because it rains here a lot and Ellen and I found some perfume for 50% less than it would cost at home. Jack enjoyed playing at the park which was in the middle of the mall. The malls here are mostly not undercover like at home and they don't have parent rooms like home but they all have these cute little parks for the kids to hang out. Ellen and I were also a bit confused as there was a food court which only had two checkouts so you get your food and then go to the checkout - hmm... how does that work?

Another cool thing here is bread in a can and these disposable bibs that kids wear around here. What a good idea - they are also very cheap and no more soaking in the napi san for two days after a spaghetti meal!

Jack's favourite meal - spaghetti of course!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

$1 bus to New York

That's right - I just booked a bus for $1 per adult to New York! You think I'm crazy dont you - but I just couldn't let the bargain past me!


Life has settled into a new sort of normal. The days seem to go by faster and the homesickness has gone. Jack has had two major disasters in the last week but I am sort of glad that they happened while I was able to care for him at home and not worry about work/childcare. Also our travel insurance means that these accidents were actually cheaper to have here than at home.

We have just figured out how to make calls to home for 2 cents per minute so we find comfort in that. It really saved us last week! Stuart is happier now that work finishes at 6pm and he has spent enough time with the boys so he doesn't mind if we don't go out for dinner every night. Ellen arrived from Australia yesterday and it was wonderful to have an Aussie girl to chat with after Jack went to bed. I predict many hours of hanging out in Ashburn with Ellen and Jack. She has already made a date for Thursday.

Every Wednesday Jack and I have been invited to Lynda's place for a cuppa and morning tea. Lynda has just moved here from Sydney with her husband and their 2 boys (3yrs & 14mths.) They are setting up a new life in America which is very exciting but also very stressful. In 3 weeks they have bought a house, a car, mobile phones and necessary items to live in their home until their furniture arrives in two months. This all makes my dramas seem so simple.

The price of living in America is much cheaper than back in Canberra, petrol is half the price to start. Fresh food is about the same but toys/clothes/electrical/cars/houses etc. are all at least 30% cheaper. Colin & Lynda reckon they've hit a goldmine but we know better ;)

We are going to New York on Monday for 2 nights so I am SUPER excited about that. I hope I get to do a 'Meg Ryan' on the Empire State Building and also go for a horse ride in central park. I've been waiting for this moment all my life.