Thursday, March 27, 2008

Living in Ashburn

We moved into a cute little apartment late last week. The walls are white and the carpet is creme. A mother's worst nightmare! So far we are doing alright at keeping it all clean - apart from on burned pan due to a toddler distraction.

Jack and I got into 'the little gym' this week where they have little treadmills and a gym for kids. Needless to say, Jack had a good time but I also enjoyed meeting the people there. The 'mommies' were actually very nice and very interested in our little journey. It costs $30 per visit but I explained to Stu that it's either $30 there or $30 at the shrink later.

Today we started playgroup. I joined a group 'Discovering Northern Virginia with Tots' as I though the title deemed most appropriate to what I want from a group. It is very different from the mother's group back home. There doesn't seem to be the same sort of connection that I had with the mums back home. The 'mommies' were already in their little posies and I found it a bit like starting a new school. I will continue to go because it is good for Jack and I to get out and meet people but hopefully people will be more welcoming as they get to know us.

Easter was also very different over here - NO CHOCOLATE EGGS! We certainly suffered without Cadbury eggs this year. The children of Ashburn all ran around with special baskets 'Spider Man' and 'Dora' were a couple, having an egg hunt for plastic easter eggs that were filled with lollies. They don't know what they're missing out on.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The GPS has saved our marriage

I'm not going to double up on information already in Jack's blog but rather tell you the more nitty-gritty of what's gone down so far.

Of course I haven't had much time for my own blogging. A mother always puts herself last.

Well the best thing we have found so far is buying a GPS. I am wondering what people did before it was around. We haven't had one screaming, "YOU DIDNT TURN - I TOLD YOU TO TURN" argument and of course I'm sure that it is a good thing that Jack hasn't been subjected to that. (and me too - I'm just the driver)

I'm very glad that we didn't have to use the Vallergan on the journey here for Jack but I was glad to have it - just in case. I was AMAZED at how well he behaved on the flight and how happy he was the entire time. He was also easy to settle and didn't cry once. I was thinking 'OMG OMG' when they put us right next to a 6 month old but amazingly they both did really well.

Stu was also very helpful but he was just as nervous as me about making the 2 hour connection in LAX and we were both waiting for Jack to FLIP out. Stu has also been a bit stressy about work - getting there on time - wearing nice shirts and study when he gets back home.

We have had a maid and a chef all week so all that leaves for me is picking up after Jack and keeping him entertained - I feel like 'the nanny.'

Will try to blog some more for myself - at least weekly (am blogging for Jack daily) but I'm not......incomplete due to toddler tantrum.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Population Rise in Virginia

Next week the population in Ashburn Virginia will rise by 3 for a whole 3 months. There is, however a lot to be done before then.

Today I had the second trip to the chemist to buy sedatives for Jack for the 27 hour journey to Virginia. I'm glad to report that this trip was successful. I had to call my husband and let him know, 'the eagle has landed -repeat- eagle has landed.'

Tomorrow's mission will be buying Easter gifts for the family before we go and we should add Tim Tams and Vegemite to the shopping list because I intend to stuff our suitcases with them.