Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nappy Changes

Jack took this photo while he was getting his nappy changed today. We are looking forward to potty training.

Virginia Tech

I've been driving past Virginia Tech University every day for the past 3 months and was only reminded recently of the massacre that occurred there only last year. 33 people were shot across that campus on April 19th, 2007.

As a teacher and a temporary resident of Ashburn VA, this memory has affected the way I see this town. I can't ever imagine this happening in Canberra or the effects that this would have on a community.

I have tried to think of the differences in our two cities to understand why I feel so much safer that this would not happen at home but I have only come up with one thing.


I'm not going to go on - that is all I can come up with so far.

Sorry for the anti-climax.

Pack Your Bags

Life in Virginia has been lovely but we are all ready to come home. We will miss a lot of things here but there is still so much we miss about home.

I will miss

1. Wegmans
2. Adventures
3. Ice Makers
4. Fuddruckers
5. Not having to hang out the washing
6. Having a maid and a weekly babysitter
7. Warm weather
8. Spending everyday with my boy

What we are looking forward to when we get home

1. Space at home and Jack's stuff
2. Our Friends
3. Dinner at John & Jules
4. Meeting our niece
5. Less bills and credit expenses
6. White, sliced bread
7. Feeling safe (a lot less murders and hold ups in Kippax!)
8. Our stuff
9. Going to work
10. Having my computer back

We are all really looking forward to touring California and Vegas and that is what Stu has been waiting for the while time we have been here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Niagara Falls

I have never been anywhere so beautiful and romantic sitting in the ER. It doesn't help that ever since Jack had a seizure I now rush him to the doctor as soon as his temp gets over 37C. I must have sounded like a nut case because the last fever was just a 24hour flu. ($300) But this time, 'the boy who cried wolf' was actually in serious danger of getting pneumonia. ($700)

So I have seriously been scared to death by the xrays/ blood tests/ heart rate monitors and IV's. I will take him to the doctor for every sneeze until we leave this country. (Priceless)

So the drama unfolded over 12 hours until we saw a real doctor* and were finally sent home. It took another 12 hours before we were back on track and another 36hours before Jack would speak to us.

I refuse to take this part of Niagara home with me. I will mostly remember standing on top of the Maid of the Mist and showering under the falls. I will remember the butterflies that landed on my shoulder in the conservatory and the way my husband and I drank cocktails and watched fireworks over Niagara from our lounge room.

*real doctor - a doctor who sees his patient for more than 5 mins consecutively before making a diagnosis

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day

This time last year...

and now he is all grown up (well bigger anyway) . Mother's day isn't officially until tomorrow but Jack has thoughtfully decided to send me some flower's on Mother's day - Australian time. Tomorrow will be very different from last year but still very nice. Stu says that him and Jack are planning on making crepes for breakfast and then Stu has to go to work. Jack and I are going to Lynda's for a hot roast lunch which will be fun and Stu and I are going to the movies after Jack goes to bed. Jack & I are in charge of the mother's day cake at Lynda's place.

*updated - here are the crepes. They were delicious!

Love being his mum.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank God for Lynda and her boys

Here is Lynda with the boys.

Lynda is an angel sent from Australia to stop me from going completely nutty. She is a great mum and her boys are lovely and very well behaved so good role models for Jack. We took the boys out to the animal park and the weather was perfect. I got a little tan even through the sun cream. Mostly we have just been hanging out at Lynda's place as our boys have alternate sleeping routines. Jack is still on 2 sleeps a day which is very unusual for a boy his age. It's just wonderful to have someone to enjoy a hot, white cuppa tea with and share the stories of our adventures. It's funny how we think that culturally American's are basically the same but it's the little things that count (like fresh bread) that really make you feel at home.

So it's Lynda's birthday the day after Stuart's and we are going out for a celebration dinner. Really looking forward to the chaos that involves taking 3 young boys out to a restaurant! All is fun when you don't have to do the dishes!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keys locked in the boot

So I think the title clearly outlines today's adventure. Jack just woke up so of course I am not going to finish this post but here is a pic from our weekend. It was the nicest weekend since we got here.

Also Avis rental cars saved us. It didn't cost anything and we only had to wait in the car park for an hour so only an hour of our lives for a minor drama. The weather is perfect at the moment so Jack and I sat under a tree and ate some Maccas. Lovely!

The theme park on the weekend was a bit scary (as you can see) but Jack slept in the car all the way there and back so we hold some hope for the big (8hr) drive to Niagara Falls next week. The hope is that we won't all go crazy having to drive that far. I can just imagine the water fall. I reckon it will be great. It's a great thing that jack has really started to enjoy watching the portable dvd player or the journey would not be so easy. Tip for parents - buy the portable dvd player even if your not sure if they'll watch it.

The week is set to be a good one even though Jack was diagnosed with the flu (for $300) yesterday. I'm sure he'll be over it by the end of the week. Niagara here we come!