Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keys locked in the boot

So I think the title clearly outlines today's adventure. Jack just woke up so of course I am not going to finish this post but here is a pic from our weekend. It was the nicest weekend since we got here.

Also Avis rental cars saved us. It didn't cost anything and we only had to wait in the car park for an hour so only an hour of our lives for a minor drama. The weather is perfect at the moment so Jack and I sat under a tree and ate some Maccas. Lovely!

The theme park on the weekend was a bit scary (as you can see) but Jack slept in the car all the way there and back so we hold some hope for the big (8hr) drive to Niagara Falls next week. The hope is that we won't all go crazy having to drive that far. I can just imagine the water fall. I reckon it will be great. It's a great thing that jack has really started to enjoy watching the portable dvd player or the journey would not be so easy. Tip for parents - buy the portable dvd player even if your not sure if they'll watch it.

The week is set to be a good one even though Jack was diagnosed with the flu (for $300) yesterday. I'm sure he'll be over it by the end of the week. Niagara here we come!

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