Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank God for Lynda and her boys

Here is Lynda with the boys.

Lynda is an angel sent from Australia to stop me from going completely nutty. She is a great mum and her boys are lovely and very well behaved so good role models for Jack. We took the boys out to the animal park and the weather was perfect. I got a little tan even through the sun cream. Mostly we have just been hanging out at Lynda's place as our boys have alternate sleeping routines. Jack is still on 2 sleeps a day which is very unusual for a boy his age. It's just wonderful to have someone to enjoy a hot, white cuppa tea with and share the stories of our adventures. It's funny how we think that culturally American's are basically the same but it's the little things that count (like fresh bread) that really make you feel at home.

So it's Lynda's birthday the day after Stuart's and we are going out for a celebration dinner. Really looking forward to the chaos that involves taking 3 young boys out to a restaurant! All is fun when you don't have to do the dishes!

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