Saturday, April 26, 2008

A walk down memory lane

Rachael's baby shower was yesterday and I was a bit disappointed that I missed it, mostly because there were homemade sausage rolls and cup cakes in Royalla. I was able to enjoy most of the fun over the web cam but it's really just not the same.

It got me thinking about my own baby shower and mostly about that time in my life...

Life was easy and free.

I did what ever I wanted whenever I felt like it. I stayed up late and slept in.

But I was ready for my life to change, things were starting to get boring. And I love this boy more than anything, ever.

Many RUDE people commented that I would probably come back from America pregnant. Some people even suggested that I might like it so much that we would stay. But even though I think my sister and my friends, Jules and Justine are just glowing with their pregnancies now - there is no chance that I would be ready for another baby. Jack is looking more and more like a big boy every day and I am excited about his growing Independence. I am enjoying my freedoms again, he sleeps from 8.30-8.30 every night. We have a weekly babysitter and I don't have to worry constantly about feeds/changes and crying. If this is the 'honeymoon' before the 'terrible twos' then I'm going to enjoy every minute of it! And let me tell you - I haven't forgotten about the morning sickness that I endured for 5 MONTHS either!

Also I just thought I'd let you know - IT WOULD BE A COLD DAY IN HELL before this family moved to America permanently :)

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