Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outlet shopping with Ellen

Apparently the sun does shine in Ashburn!

Notice the first day with shorts and t-shirt! It's 26 degrees and sunny here today. Hooray!

Jack refused to have his nap this morning so Ellen and I decided that he was better and well enough to go shopping. Eventually he fell asleep in the pram and we found some real bargains at the outlet mall in Leesburg. The brand names here are half the price that they are at home. Jack bought some new gumboots (very Bemboka) because it rains here a lot and Ellen and I found some perfume for 50% less than it would cost at home. Jack enjoyed playing at the park which was in the middle of the mall. The malls here are mostly not undercover like at home and they don't have parent rooms like home but they all have these cute little parks for the kids to hang out. Ellen and I were also a bit confused as there was a food court which only had two checkouts so you get your food and then go to the checkout - hmm... how does that work?

Another cool thing here is bread in a can and these disposable bibs that kids wear around here. What a good idea - they are also very cheap and no more soaking in the napi san for two days after a spaghetti meal!

Jack's favourite meal - spaghetti of course!

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