Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Life has settled into a new sort of normal. The days seem to go by faster and the homesickness has gone. Jack has had two major disasters in the last week but I am sort of glad that they happened while I was able to care for him at home and not worry about work/childcare. Also our travel insurance means that these accidents were actually cheaper to have here than at home.

We have just figured out how to make calls to home for 2 cents per minute so we find comfort in that. It really saved us last week! Stuart is happier now that work finishes at 6pm and he has spent enough time with the boys so he doesn't mind if we don't go out for dinner every night. Ellen arrived from Australia yesterday and it was wonderful to have an Aussie girl to chat with after Jack went to bed. I predict many hours of hanging out in Ashburn with Ellen and Jack. She has already made a date for Thursday.

Every Wednesday Jack and I have been invited to Lynda's place for a cuppa and morning tea. Lynda has just moved here from Sydney with her husband and their 2 boys (3yrs & 14mths.) They are setting up a new life in America which is very exciting but also very stressful. In 3 weeks they have bought a house, a car, mobile phones and necessary items to live in their home until their furniture arrives in two months. This all makes my dramas seem so simple.

The price of living in America is much cheaper than back in Canberra, petrol is half the price to start. Fresh food is about the same but toys/clothes/electrical/cars/houses etc. are all at least 30% cheaper. Colin & Lynda reckon they've hit a goldmine but we know better ;)

We are going to New York on Monday for 2 nights so I am SUPER excited about that. I hope I get to do a 'Meg Ryan' on the Empire State Building and also go for a horse ride in central park. I've been waiting for this moment all my life.

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