Thursday, March 27, 2008

Living in Ashburn

We moved into a cute little apartment late last week. The walls are white and the carpet is creme. A mother's worst nightmare! So far we are doing alright at keeping it all clean - apart from on burned pan due to a toddler distraction.

Jack and I got into 'the little gym' this week where they have little treadmills and a gym for kids. Needless to say, Jack had a good time but I also enjoyed meeting the people there. The 'mommies' were actually very nice and very interested in our little journey. It costs $30 per visit but I explained to Stu that it's either $30 there or $30 at the shrink later.

Today we started playgroup. I joined a group 'Discovering Northern Virginia with Tots' as I though the title deemed most appropriate to what I want from a group. It is very different from the mother's group back home. There doesn't seem to be the same sort of connection that I had with the mums back home. The 'mommies' were already in their little posies and I found it a bit like starting a new school. I will continue to go because it is good for Jack and I to get out and meet people but hopefully people will be more welcoming as they get to know us.

Easter was also very different over here - NO CHOCOLATE EGGS! We certainly suffered without Cadbury eggs this year. The children of Ashburn all ran around with special baskets 'Spider Man' and 'Dora' were a couple, having an egg hunt for plastic easter eggs that were filled with lollies. They don't know what they're missing out on.

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