Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The GPS has saved our marriage

I'm not going to double up on information already in Jack's blog but rather tell you the more nitty-gritty of what's gone down so far.

Of course I haven't had much time for my own blogging. A mother always puts herself last.

Well the best thing we have found so far is buying a GPS. I am wondering what people did before it was around. We haven't had one screaming, "YOU DIDNT TURN - I TOLD YOU TO TURN" argument and of course I'm sure that it is a good thing that Jack hasn't been subjected to that. (and me too - I'm just the driver)

I'm very glad that we didn't have to use the Vallergan on the journey here for Jack but I was glad to have it - just in case. I was AMAZED at how well he behaved on the flight and how happy he was the entire time. He was also easy to settle and didn't cry once. I was thinking 'OMG OMG' when they put us right next to a 6 month old but amazingly they both did really well.

Stu was also very helpful but he was just as nervous as me about making the 2 hour connection in LAX and we were both waiting for Jack to FLIP out. Stu has also been a bit stressy about work - getting there on time - wearing nice shirts and study when he gets back home.

We have had a maid and a chef all week so all that leaves for me is picking up after Jack and keeping him entertained - I feel like 'the nanny.'

Will try to blog some more for myself - at least weekly (am blogging for Jack daily) but I'm not......incomplete due to toddler tantrum.

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