Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two weeks since I have done my own blog post!

Hopefully today I will make that up by doing two. I wonder if it works like that?

Here I am living my dream.

I had the most fantastic time in New York. I loved the city but 3 days was definitely enough time spent there. The city was very dirty and the people were all in a rush. Even the tourists on the 2 hour cruise didn't seem to relax. They were pushing people out of the way to get the perfect Liberty shot.

I had a jaw dropping moment when we got to the top of the Empire State Building. I could hardly keep my mouth closed I was just amazed and in awe of the beauty. It was a real shock because the lifts are so fast it hardly feels like you are climbing so high.

Stu enjoyed staying in the hotel with Jack for naps and this gave me the opportunity to explore or post on Jack's blog. The boys had a great time and indulged me by tagging along to all of the high lights that I needed to see.

It hardly feels like we are half way through our journey though our bank balance does show it. I am especially excited about going to LA and Vegas in 6 weeks time. The last thing we have to do before we leave here is visit Niagara and then we will have done it all.

Everyday life is very settled - when Stu took the day off yesterday I asked him if he enjoyed a day in my life as he stayed home for Jack's nap and played the computer. Stupid question! It is wonderful - I am finally feeling relaxed and enjoying another 3 months staying at home with Jack. I love this job - wish I could keep it when we got home!

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